Artist's Studio

Artist’s Studio Cardiff

My Studio – some-time back

Studio 2011

Magnolia arrangement in the studio June 2012


6 responses to “ARTISTS STUDIO

  1. Apparently there is life in Wigan , a try make it interesting
    Andy .

    Also like the images above , thanks .

  2. Am watching Wigan v Leeds ……… 6-11 to Leeds so far ….. C’mon Wigin !!

  3. Previous was in reference to rugby league semi final , sorry .

  4. Watched it live in NY . My mum in Leeds ( a life long fan ) has to wait for highlights tomorrow .

  5. Details regarding ag/hort show following soon .
    Hope all is well on Oakfield .

  6. Andrew Havenhand

    Dave, watching Wigan v Huddersfield , thought of you .sorry about the agricultural show not happening ,lot of health issues . Anyway , hope all is well in South Wales . All good here in NY, lot of snow , very cold , lots of good work . Take good care , Andy .

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