Damp @ tactileBOSCH (detail)

I have included tactileBOSCH in this blog because of its historical importance to the development of my work for G39  and the images I will post here will reflect some of the more freer installations I have ever achieved in a gallery situation ……..

Written in support of grant aid for tactileBOSCH before I retired from UWIC

17 January 2007

To whom it may concern

I wish to express my whole hearted admiration for the remarkable and pioneering work that tactileBOSCH has accomplished over recent years in support of emerging and more established artists alike.

The ‘old laundry’ in Andrews Road, Llandaff North, Cardiff combines both the rough and ready crusty decadence of a worn out washing shed with the omnipotent splendour of a sophisticated, if not wayward, International Art house.

The prolific selection of events and exhibitions that emanate from the inventive and fertile minds of the management team is to be applauded for a very rare quality that exposes the contemporary stodge that infests the politically correct academic art research programmes and thankfully plays merry hell with the pious and pompous niceties of the so called  “professionally curated ‘ exhibition.

I am by nature a teacher and practising artist whose evolution is embedded if not heavily dependant on the chaos and uncertainties that manifest themselves in Fine Art  studentship. The attendant struggle that enriches the purgatory and joy of wanting to express oneself as an Artist, often without boundaries, is often misunderstood by the pseudo academically structured procedures that seek to control the destiny if not the meaning of excellence in Art!

Tactile Bosch is probably one of the only establishments I have encountered that has the capacity and sensitivity to deal bluntly and without prejudice with the dreams and aspirations of a developing creative identity outside the walls of the Art School.

It is able to offer a different and maybe unique level of support that both compliments elements of our academic programme as well as providing refuge and opportunity for  a variety of students from Cardiff School of Art and Design.

It also goes without saying that students, staff and artists from other prominent  educational establishments in Wales and beyond have also been seduced by this ever open door of creative opportunity.

This year I was invited to show with a group of artists including some of my own students and I was extremely grateful for the opportunity to unfold a very ‘raw’ experimental installation that would have been impossible to stage at any other location.

I have no hesitation at all, in both my role as an artist and as an experienced educator in recommending tactile Bosch as an organisation worthy of your support and funding.

David Shepherd

Senior Lecturer in Fine Art

Damp Installation (Detail)

New Towels in Damp Installation

Crutches – still shots while filming @tB


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