Quiet Sunday morning at G39

The Sunday morning – 6th May 2012 – the day before my first working visit to  the Gallery on the following day – Bank Holiday Monday !

G39 – Day one … Fishing nets and Unit One …………… with Mirror !

G39 -Scaffold – Photo Michael Cousin

G39 – Unit One under construction

Above – is the nearly completed ‘project space’ Unit One – the walls, both interior and exterior are to remain unpainted while the rest of the main gallery space is painted MAGNOLIA. The tin cans are an  early ‘intervention’ or ‘interference’ by myself! I was given time (about six days and some nights) in the whole space as construction went on around me. I was able to litter the space with all sorts of stuff from other sites and really develop a relationship with the location  … very directly and specifically! Many thanks to Anthony, Chris, Mike and everybody else who endured my sometimes very noisy activities.  15/5/2012.

All my stuff has now been removed from G39 and in the meantime will travel to other sites. I return to G39 and specifically to Unit One on the first of July to install ‘the show’ !


9 responses to “G39

  1. love the penultimate photo, looks like a one-man mobile climbing wall advert x

  2. Love the penultimate photo, looks like an advert for a one-man mobile climbing wall!

  3. Yeah ….. and here’s that same bloke messing with an improvised rocket launcher …….
    click url below to reveal image

  4. excellent photo!, sori the last post went up twice (almost remembered what i said the first time – logging in problems and all that, rare to find something i feel like commenting on, password remembering etc) You into coming on Pitch on the old Radio Cardiff to talk? May 29th might be good as have Sam Aldridge and Dick Powell that day, otherwise have space on any on the June Tuesdays – hurry, this offer might not last long, Pitch might not come back after its summer break x

  5. OK, Richard will join you on the 29th May with those two ex-students of mine … thanks for the invitation ……
    click url below to reveal image

  6. Hi Dave and Richard, will see what I can do with work. it would be great to hear you on Pitch. Hope we don’t lose Pitch Richard 😦

  7. Sam Aldridge and myself are now scheduled to appear on Pitch on Tuesday 12th June ………. 10:00 – 11:00

  8. Hi Dave, looking fwd to you being here at Unit One. Would be great to organise a talk (or two) whilst you’re here? generally on a thursday evening 6.30ish? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvXVP5lSF1s

  9. Yeah Sean .. I will be around a lot of the time during my time in Unit One ……. changing things .. as I tend to do … so I can certainly do a couple of talks ……..

    …… or maybe this is the way to do it these days …………

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