Brewhouse Gallery

Brewhouse Gallery

Saturday 7 July – Saturday 11 August

Sam Aldridge, Kathryn Campbell Dodd, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Jason Pinder, Anthony Shapland and Dave Shepherd

These Wales-based artists, a mix of established and emerging talent, have in common ‘Rhôd’, an annual exhibition in rural west Wales that aims to site contemporary art in a rural landscape creating a dialogue between urban artists and artists who work in rural settings.

Following Reveal Somerset’s presentation at the Rhôd symposium, held at Chapter, Cardiff in July 2011 in which rural/ urban similarities were discussed, this exhibition seeks to further extend that dialogue into a conversation with The Brewhouse Gallery and it’s visitors.

The artists have been chosen for their diverse mixture of media, which ranges from performance (Good Cop/Bad Cop), film (Anthony Shapland), sculptural objects (Sam Aldridge, Kathryn Campbell Dodd) and interventions (Jason Pinder, David Shepherd).

This exhibition is supported by Reveal Somerset.

Brewhouse Gallery – Music Stand placement

Above – David Shepherd’s first visit to The Brewhouse Gallery on the day the Olympic torch came to town !


3 responses to “BREWHOUSE

  1. just for the record, it should be written ‘good op bad cop’, no caps, no hyphens, slashes or any other punctuation – our fault for not correcting earlier, apologies.

  2. Whoops, no it shouldn’t!!!! its ‘good cop bad cop’, though i quite like the connotations of the spelling mistake as a title for work….

  3. okay .. that’s all sorted now .. no messing

    click on url below to reveal image

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