Set for Trencherfield Mill




I too remember the whistle blowing at The Empress mill My Mam worked there for many years as did my sister in law when she came home you could smell the cotton and it was all in her hair and in the summer time the doors at the bottom of the factory that led on to Anderton st were allways open to let in the fresh air my mam said they all worked hard but she loved going to work she used to bring me the chalk that they used to mark the bobbins with and I would use it to colour the top of my top and whip and when it spun round it made lot of different colours I also remember the big weigh Bridge that was in the middle of the yard and on a thursday night I would go to meet my mam when I came out of school those were the days. Joan Barnes, wigan, Lancs24th May 2012


  1. Rhod should do a show in this room me thinks…..

  2. Thanks for your comment ….. I think the Rhod wheel is much smaller than the massive engine wheel at Trencherfield Mill in Wigan. 1t would indeed be interesting to bring the Rural to the ‘Urban Industrial’ by staging a Rhod show in such a setting. My boat will float at the Trencherfield sometime this Summer !

    In the meantime enjoy the video above ……

    More wheels for your enjoyment

    click on url to reveal images ..

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