Wigan Pit head worker

CLICK ON URL BELOW TO REVEAL  Pdf of Dave Lane’s wonderful document …..


5 responses to “PIT BROW LASSES

  1. I am an Aspull collier, I like a bit of fun To have a go at football or in the sports to run So goodbye old companions, adieu to jolity, For I have found a sweetheart, and she’s all the world to me.
    Could you but see my Nancy, among the tubs of coal, In tucked up skirt and breeches, she looks exceedingly droll, Her face besmear’d with coal dust, as black as black can be,
    She is a pit brow lassie but she’s all the world to me.

  2. Just had a browse through the document, absolutely amazing. Great choice for an excerpt. What a place to court your future wife!

  3. Not forgetting women tannery workers …… this image was of particular interest to me when the Rhod group worked on a show at the old Mychynleth Tannery …

    click on urls below to reveal images


    …….. notice the woman in the rear with the pile of skins …..
    which probably influenced these images (details) from my studio when I was preparing the Tannery show …….

  4. Cats perspective!

  5. ………. and dogs are just as inquisitive ….. as this one is … as he saunters around my ‘Drifter’ show in Bristol

    click on url below to reveal image

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