A very busy workplace!

I am fascinated by what might be going on here! Doesn’t  look legal – so I took my Gravatar image for this blog from the man entering on the left hand side!

4 responses to “VERY BUSY WORK PLACE

  1. Proto-daleks, before realising they were top heavy. Basic design turned upside-down, retaining domed top and flat base

  2. Disguised Daleks working undercover and exterminating tree debris at Melin Glonc ! Total devastation !!

    click url below to reveal image

  3. Is that early crazy paving?

  4. Too deliberately uniform to be crazy Chris ! ……. but this is just damn stupid. Me trying to keep wet newspaper in place on wet paving stones by jamming loads of knitting needles round the edges. Took me twenty years to collect hundreds of needles form charity shops … am still at it — some times I have to haggle with nice old ladies to clear out their entire stock … am still collecting ……. just in case ?

    click on urls below to reveal images

    Then the weather always beats me …….

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