Somewhere in Cardiff !

On the way to the Magic Roundabout !

……. same road same debris on the way to Magic Roundabout

Oakfield Street Boat

Just around the corner!

9 responses to “STREETS OF CARDIFF

  1. Spent days watching this deteriorate …. wanted to grab the sign but it got cleared away before I had a chance …….

  2. Great collection of images, especially like the skip and bath

  3. love the bath and skip!

  4. Working with a skip at Newport Salvage (no longer exists). Newport Salvage was a haven for me .. gave me materials and space to work and I often borrowed things and returned them. Nick, the owner sponsored several shows …… such as my Ikon show in Birmingham.

  5. Mike – this was the template for the Ikon Show catalogue and poster by courtesy of Newport Salvage …………

    click on url below to reveal image

    Specialists in re-usable materials … AND I USED A FEW!!

  6. Nice and simplistic design! Also, I love to see the old old Cardiff phone code and glad i was down here to use it.

  7. Old phone boxes at Newport Salvage ….what was that old code again?

  8. When I arrived in Cardiff it was (0222) then (01222) then (029),interesting how its become a lot more metropolitan looking

  9. Early cell telephone experiments …… thanks for triggering a search for this image …… Mike

    click on url below to reveal image

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