Railway intervention

Disused bridge

Disused Railway building

Below disused rail bridge

Disused rail link

Disused Rail bridge

4 responses to “BERLIN RAILWAY

  1. This was a fantastic deserted Railway in Berlin …… stayed around for hours and did a bit of re-arranging!

  2. Love the image of the Railway Intervention Dave – beautiful composition, but kind of moody/broody too!

  3. Hi Kath …. your comment brought back memories of my Installation in Scott’s Harbour for an ‘ Artist’s Project ‘ show …. the site responded well to the ‘mood’ of the day and I constructed this arrangement of the changing work to enhance the shadows that spilled across low lying surfaces.
    The newspaper on the floor had to be kept wet so if wouldn’t shift or blow away with the slightest draft. I had to water the whole area every few hours ….even through the night ………….. job specific …..labour intensive!!
    click on url below to reveal image

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