11 responses to “BRUSHWORK

  1. Hi Dave! Looking forward to seeing the work-so-far and happy to help – see you on Friday afternoon! xL

  2. Thanks that would be great ……. memories of the Station show !

  3. Remember this – ‘Drifter’ show at Station – somebody shot this from a boat ……….. or was it from the end of that little jetty?

  4. Was working on this at G39 today – The video version should come out quite well – very noisy – to noisy for the Brewhouse – will eventually take it to the Mill and set it up at night !

  5. Liz …… more then likely we will be painting on Friday – MAGNOLIA – same colour as the walls in G39 ….. bring overalls or old clothes. We will also be filming and other things, The gates will be open ….. no problem parking …………… see you Friday

    • Have dug out some painting clothes just about – it seems that I was so efficient at downsizing I left myself with very little to paint in!!! Will head over this afternoon – will you be there all day or shall I call in advance? xL

  6. It was useful that you did call in advance and we were able to make the best use of the time you offered … your helped was much appreciated and I got more done than I anticipated! I am all ready now to start filming as soon night falls ……………

  7. What a brilliant 2 hours!!!! When you told me I would be painting magnolia I envisioned walls I certainly didn’t anticipate it would be a cement mixer and a moving one at that!

  8. …….. the magnolia is exactly the same colour as G39’s walls ……….

  9. …….. all cleaned up and ready for the night shift ……… should be dark by ten …….. so I anticipate working ’til midnight …….

  10. ………. was difficult to control light sources and focus but managed a few interesting combinations (collisions as I like to call them) ……. this wasn’t the best but there’s something here worth noting ! Shot an hour of video as well and that looks promising …………

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