Track laying

Live stock

Dog power

Off to work

Moving on …………..

My Great-grandfather

I can’t swim very well and have never driven a train ………… YET!

Colliery Train and driver at Pemberton Colleries  WIGAN

Botswana Pick-up Truck

6 responses to “RAILWAYS – CARTS and WHEELS

  1. sarah shepherd

    The longest train ever! looks like a great iron caterpilla

  2. Yeah …… long and slow! I can imagine standing in the camera position waiting for the right time to jump on the train for a free ride! The length of this freight train and the winding track means both the driver and the guard in the caboose at the rear are unsighted for most of the time!

  3. Here is the train we commissioned from Cardiff Bay for the Site-ations International Exhibition to which we gave the title ‘Sense in Place’. Artists showed in locations across Cardiff. The dockland area was private land so that visitors had to travel on the train to view the site-specific installations. The train is seen passing by the old St Helena terminal where I installed my show ……
    click on url below to reveal image

  4. Sarah ……. here is a short documentary film that is full of images of ‘job specific’ activities which greatly influence my work. The fact that it was way back in 1942 makes it more appealing to me – I am very likely to salvage incidents/moments/actions from this footage and drag them into the present ………
    click on url below to view 10.18 mins

  5. I gawped for nearly 8 minutes. Great punchline.

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